Hi everyone, my 1st post and question. I'm a pretty new guitar player so some of the tabs and chord notations are unfamiliar to me.
I called up "Catch the Wind"; and below is the part I have a question about.
What does the G/E G/F G/E mean? I know it's a way of playing some sort of variation on the G chord, but what? I've seen this in alot of songs, but it's not explained.

F F Em Em
Deedee dee dee, dee dee deedee
F F D7/F# D7/F#
Dee dee deedee, dee dee deedee
Dee de deeee
Normally a chord has root note as the lowest note (usually known as the bass note)

A chord written like that means the note after the slash gets to be the bass note.
So G/E would be played 020003 and G/F would be played 120003
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