I'm gonna replace my squier strat from the start up kits with another guitar.
I have a budget of about $500-600 so does any1 know any good stuff in that range?
I mostly play 80s thrash
No bc riches plz
24 frets plz
doesnt look like crap plz
I'd say Ibanez but I'd feel bad about telling someone to get one.
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Wait hold up ... what amp do you have? Doesn't matter how good a guitar sounds if you have a terrible amp.
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That Ibanez is good, I suggest looking into ESP. It's what James Hetfield used in the old days.

He still uses them today...

I would suggest an ESP LTD model like an ec-256 or an M-300. The alexi model is also amazing, it plays like butter. I'm also a seven string fan, so you could get the cheap steven carpenter model. They're all under your price range and they're all really good guitars, especially for metal.
jackson KVX10 or anything from the X series by Jackson. Their pretty good for Thrash
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Fender Stratocaster, always the best
and its not thaat expensive anymore

Trolling? Unless it's a custom Strat with EMG, DiMarzio, etc. humbuckers in it I would not suggest one for metal.
I think ESP-LTD M-300FM suits your spec and budget.Plus it had emg pickups installed.Sorry if I'm mistaken.
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whats your amp?

some 15w fender thing. imma replace that too.