hey guys, I have a Peavey JSX head that i bought used from eBay in December- and i just wanna know when it would be good to replace my tubes (preamp or power)

I haven't heard any signs of them losing power or tone or anything, and i use it about 15 hours a week.

My band plays shows 6-7 times a month on busy months and i can't really afford to have em just go dead on me before a show, so i figure i should change em before anything bad happens... right?

Thanks a lot.
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once or twice a year. make sure you either bias it or take it to a shop to get the tubes biased otherwise there wont be an even power split between the tubes.

Yeah what he said, but for power tubes obviously. The preamp tubes last much longer. However it's fun to mix and match 12ax7's to get different tones
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