Hello Tabs and Chords forum! This is a short, album interlude type piece that I wrote not too long ago. It's pretty ambient and contains a short guitar solo. I have actually recorded this song and should have a copy of it up within the next day or so. Anyway, I would love any feedback and criticism! Thank you.
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Pretty short song, so not much room for critique, but here goes.

I like the odd time signatures and dissonant harmonies. I'm hoping you were going for a sort of eerie setting here, cuz that's where those two do a really good job together. Anyway, the guitar solo was a tad simple, I like the bass starting at Bar 17, how it kinda helps out the guitar and does a little lead thing of its own. Not much else to say about this really. Nice interlude song, sounds like what you were aiming for in your description.

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