What programs are you using to record? I think the SQ is great, I find that you have really scooped everything except for the highs, and it makes it a little fatiguing at high volumes. In saying that though, you have mixed the dynamics really well.

I just got Superior Drummer, is that what you are using?
I did this and a couple other mixes on my own songs...you got any tips? I am always trying to improve mastering...Ozone can't do it alone.

Keep it up.
I use Cubase SX3 for all my tracking and mastering, and it's funny that you mention Ozone because I use Isotope 4 quite a bit.

They key really is your tones and how you pan everything, I strive to get a perfect mix before I even start mastering. Often alot of people will use the same exact tone panned 100 each way and call it done...and I really hate that lol. My rhythm tone is two seperate tones panned different in different spots. Neither one of them have alot of bass or distortion to them, which of course is where the bass guitar comes in. BTW The synth/moog in your track sounds perfect

Your mixes sound pretty decent, I'd say your guitars are a little centered, have too much distortion and are definitely buried by those drums. Here is my general rule of thumb for mixing rhythm guitar

Tone 1


Tone 2


Give it a shot, and feel free to PM me or send me a message, I'm here to help and always am willing to listen.
Wow man the recording sounds really great! Good full thick sound. The drums sound excellent. The only problem I have with it is that it ended to early! haha.

If you would crit my first song on my profile. Cheers
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