Hi guys,

Throughout high-school, I've always believed myself to be the best guitar player in my school, however i never chose to show it. Everyone else's bands would play during assemblies and they would get all the attention, while i sat in the back and didnt want to. I play basketball and that always came first so i never really played guitar publicly.

For the last Coffee House of this year (a semi-annual show where musicians play while the school eats and drinks stuff), i decided to play something. I learned Cliffs of Dover in 4 days and ripped it in front of the school, and got a standing ovation for it and the largest crowd response from the whole event. This kind of took me (as well as everyone else) by shock, as i didnt think theyd like it, and they never thought i could play. This got me thinking.

This coming year being my last year, i wanted to play as much as i could in front of everyone as possible. I decided for my last every performance of next year, i want to rip a song that will blow everyone away. I was thinking For the Love of God or Tender Surrender by Vai. Any thoughts or advice? Keep in mind I have a Gibson LP Classic and a Mesa Boogie Rectoverb, so I have no whammy bar access. Which song is harder? Which is harder to learn? From experience, what will the crowd enjoy more? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
eruption by van halen, do your own interpretation of it but learn the main parts like the tapping and the riffs but that real complicated stuff just improvise something fast but bluesy. get a whammy pedal to do the whammy stuff.
come on man i didnt mean to come off that way. I just feel that i work harder and practice more than everyone else and i actually put soul into my playing, not just going through the motions. I don't feel im technically the best. I didnt mean to come off as a douchebag