So, I wrote this song within the last two weeks and finally finished it off a few days ago, and wanted to see what you guys thought of it. I originally wrote it in C standard, just so that I could really get a heavy feel out of it (and I've been jamming along to early Black Dahlia Murder and modern Arsis songs as of lately), but it's in E standard now (feel free to tune it back down if you want).

Personally, I was thinking of shortening the song, but I'm not sure. I need other people's opinions before I make my final judgement.

C4C if what you want critiqued is appealing enough.
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The song was pretty amazing. The riffs were tight, and the progressions were cool. I don't think the song should be shortened, it sounds good where it is. Also, i think it would sound better down tuned. It sounded more fitting in C Standard than E Standard, but that's just my opinion.
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In E Standard it sounds more like power metal.
I would tune it down to C. Sounds fun to play.
Even though the song repeats itself, with lyrics or vocals it would be amazing. The solo wasn't very effective, but was still a nice addition to the song. I did like the build up before the solo, around bar 89.

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