-description: Acura luxury car commercials saying don't waste money on tube amps.

This makes absolutely no sense. I just saw this commercial on TV, and was very confused. Really? Real gas in the tubes? I want your amp then, because it must defy the laws of tube amps... last time I checked, tubes were vacuums. And also, rare?!

Not that big of a deal, but worth seeing, if only to RAEG.

Acura says "Solid State ftw!"? I am dissapoint.
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The joke.

Your head.
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I think that was kind of the point, that he had no idea what he was talking about.
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Vacuum tubes (wow the name gives it away) are entirely evacuated. There's nothing inside the glass. Absolutely nothing. It's a VACUUM.

And yeah, I think the whole point of the commercial was to say that people can't justify why they spend shit loads of money on 'luxuries' that they have no idea why they are good or how they work. However, if you buy the car in question, you WOULD know why you biught a luxury thing. It's not very clever.
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Holy crap, check this out!
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Are you that dense? Their point was so blatant....they even explained it for you...
I do believe its a Tube powered CD player, from what I guess. which then it would make more sense, for a tube driven player to be more rare, as its pointless.
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The joke.

Your head.



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Saw this commercial for the first time last night and bitched to my girlfriend about it for 5 minutes. Then we made whoopy and I forgot all about it until now.
oh dear christ

the only thing more humorous than this commercial is all the morons who are taking it seriously.
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Seriously though, the joke is that the guy spent a lot of money on this amp that he can't do anything with, not just that he bought an amp.

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Saw this commercial for the first time last night and bitched to my girlfriend about it for 5 minutes. Then we made whoopy and I forgot all about it until now.

Frickin' lol