you think this looks like ronnie? i had an extra few minutes last weekend so i did a digital painting/drawing of ronnie james dio in gimp


ive only been doing this for a few months and i have to use a mouse because i dont have a tablet so... what u think?

i would have fixed up the shading, done hair and colored the skin but i didnt have time(plus im terrible at hair)
If you had the hair, then sort of. That's a pretty good drawing though.
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Dude get the hair and **** the color good stuff keep doin it
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There is certainly some resemblance. You got the face pretty good. The swirly grey stuff around the edges isn't really what he looked like though. Also, his head didn't just end openly. But apart from that, nice.
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Holy crap, check this out!
Looks pretty good.
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Yeah, it looks like a young Dio.
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Make the eyes smaller and the lips bigger. Then add the hair. With those, you have the prefect Dio
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that's really good for using just a mouse!


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he has a pretty common face in the first place, so the hair is sort of a necessity if you want people to think it's Dio without having to tell them.