it has an 8" speaker

a potentiometer for volume
and a box connected to the speaker
that has i think 6 wires coming from it
that read.
1.25w 3w 5w 6w 10w and one with the letter c

can this be powered and used with just using a power supply and an input?

any help is appreciated
do it
unless of course your scared of damaging it somehow then id do some more research on it before tryng it
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well like
i have no idea how to do it
or go about it
i have a very limited knowledge on wiring
i took apart a fender solid state and noticed that it had the same box with wirs just before the power supply
so it has an amp in it and its not just a speaker?
you could try to plug it in how do you usually plug things into it?
i think c is the common ground
i don't usually hook things like that up...
i think it has an amp in it
but im not 100%
i don't have a camera man
but like...it didn't have a back on it
and thats all there is to it
its the speaker
and a potentiometer wired to that rectangle box..
it seems like it may have a coil or something on the inside of it
and then those wires coming out of it.
I think that box would be a transformer, used for impedence matching the speaker to whatever is driving it, usually a type of amplifier.