Just looking to catch if anyone is interested, this is my band i play rhythm guitar for it.


all 3 tracks have our old singer in it, we will have new tracks up.

we've played a lot of shows at chain reaction, hogues and just last month we played California Metalfest 4.

bands we have played with: 3 inches of blood, holy grail, power glove, madrost, dark ale, pro-pain, sworn enemy, cattle decapitation,misery index, conducting from the grave, Gaza, and many more at some lame "Kroq pop band" battle of the bands where only non metal bands get picked.
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It's good to see the spirit of 80's trash still lives on, it's really refreshing with the amount of (insert word)-core bands that are popping up all over the place, not that that is a bad thing but with trash being such a rarity today seeing a band that pulls it off as good as yours is a real treat.

BTW would you happen to have recordings available for DL? I dont mind if they're just rough demos.