For those who read my last thread, i am looking for a metal guitar. I now know more about what i want/need. I want something that will last me a while. These are the guitars i am interested in most:
Ibanez MTM2 (i would have to save up for a good while)
Schecter Tempest Standard, C1 Standard
ESP/LTDs with passives

If you have suggestions please consider the following:
-no EMGs, need something with passives
-tremolo is not a priority
-24 frets preferrably
-standard shape (no v's, bc richs)
-don't really need much versatility, strictly metal
-can handle drop tunings

This thread is more for the purpose of narrowing down selection of the brands and models through comparison, so please don't tell me to look at ebay and craigslist, i'm not buying it today. Also, don't tell me to go to the nearest guitar shop because i have and don't like the guitars there.

ESP LTD's are always a good bet, But recently I found the Ibanez and I have been itching to get one. I guess it depends on what style of metal you play, just because the Ibanez comes in C# standard so fine if you wanna be in drop b but not really for anything else.
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Why do people consider those brands metal guitars? I have an ESP w/active emg's and I don't play super heavy/metal music. My ESP is versatile and I'm able to adjust the tone to fit anything I'm playing. It plays well too- really comfortable neck and it's a shorter scale (24.75). I know you said you're not looking for actives- the ESP EC-50 is not a bad guitar either. It has 24 frets with passive pick-ups. I've never owned one but I've heard good things about them.
that seems more like a beginner guitar to me, i've heard to stay away from the lower end LTDs. i'm not knocking them, but i really need a more intermediate guitar.
Too bad you want a standard shape.

I was thinking Ibanez Iceman. Would be perfect... but it's super awesome-oddly shaped.
these last few are a little expensive, if i have to save up for anything it's gonna be the mtm2. otherwise, i'm going for something under $500 most likely
okay if u get a schecter standard dont get the temptest since it is just a standard set neck, and will have a heel that will block ur way from reaching the highest (22nd) fret on it, the c-1 has a set thru neck (no heel) and 24 frets and its a better option than the MTM2 because (at least IMO) cuz do u really want to be known for using somone elses's guitar? also schecters have such nicer necks than ibanezes (IMO again)
yeah i'll probably go schecter but i really don't mind using a guitar with someone else's name (especially someone like mick thomson). they are both good guitars i'm sure, but the schecter just has a better price.
ok so i just found a sweet used mtm2 for $399 (it's $599 new). should i go for it? it meets all my requirements and is well in my budget. but is something like that too good to be true?
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