what kinda effects does cliffburton have other than a wah?
what kind of distortion? bass fuzz? or what?
and would anyone recomend a stompbox or multifx processor to get that awesome cliffburton sound like in orion??

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I've read he uses a Electro Harmonix Big Muff and/or Electro Harmonix Bass muff
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I've read he uses a Electro Harmonix Big Muff and/or Electro Harmonix Bass muff

The bass muff was only released a few years ago.

He used a chrome morley power wah and an old sovtec EHX Big Muff.
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he used an electro harmonix big muff and a morley power wah fuzz. he also used an ibanez tubescreamer ts808. I'm just saying... if you want a cliff burton tone, don't buy a boss odb-3, I have it myself, I think it sounds great but it does not give you a cliff burton tone.
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actually he used an older version of the big muff i believe, theyve been around from the 70s.
i can't wait to get my big muff pi xo in the mail next week
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I have the XO Big Muff Pi
and let me tell you!!! you do in fact get that cliff burton sound. i know some people knock the pedal but to be honest i love the damn thing. you get a lot of controls to shape your sound.
everything from very soft fuzz to ridiculous distortion and the dry setting turns your volume dial into a mixer. basically it sets the fuzz nearly to max and you "dial in" how loud you want the fuzz over your clean signal.

this pedal is more versatile then many give it credit for. try one out and see what you think.
I actually liked Jason's tone more... when you could hear it.
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The gist of Cliff's tone is

Rickenbacker with a gibson mudbucker in the neck with a Jazz in the bridge which i have heard from a couple sources, so im guessing the bucker contributed a bit to his more fat sound :P Also in place of the foam mute he had a strat pup.(its on display at the Rock n roll hall of fame. i'll try snag a better close up of it)

Also he used an Aria Pro II (they are running an SCB signature edition now cant remember what kina price it runs at tho).

In the Kill 'em all days im sure he used Sunn Colliseum amps and later think around the time Kirk and James switched aswell he started using Mesa Boogie's w Ampeg SVT cabs.

Effects wise was a Sovtek (Russian y'know the black one) Big muff and a Morely Power Wah.

Neither is it the most difficult tone to emulate, seek and destroy is easy to emulate with a big muff :P
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