I'm In a metalcore/deathcore band and I was wondering between a Peavey 6505 (not plus) and a hughes&kettner switchblade 100 head which would be better (and more reliable) for touring/daily use/and dishing out the utmost brutality lol.

also I am planning on buying the 6505 cab, but i was wondering if anyone knows of a cab in that price range that would outdo the 6505 cab.

Thanks ahead of time!
The 6505 cab isn't great stock, but throw some V30's in there and it shines. I would also go for the 6505 head over the Switchblade IMO

where are you located?
i really didn't like the switchblade i tried.

the 6505 isn't like the most amazing amp ever, but it's definitely good (if not very good) for br00tz. You can do an awful lot worse.
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the 6505 is pretty good, not much wrong with it but there are amps that do what it does just as well if not better. haven't played the switchblade. whats your budget?? and get a mesa cab, they're by far the best for metal and its numerous subgenres
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I play the same shit as you, OP. I got a Used 5150 II for $800 (and a shitty line 6 cab for free)

So if you want to cut cost, i advise you get a used 5150. The 6505 and 5150 are the same exact amp with a different name (due to the EVH issues w/ Peavey).

In terms of cabs, I've looked at Mesa's, Orange, Mills, and all that shit. To save money and get an great cab with awesome speakers, I'm getting an Avatar 2x12" which is like $510 when you add the taxes and shipping.

You should also choose if you need a 4x12 (will you be playing large clubs anytime soon?)

I'm getting an 8 ohm 2x12 right now because its cheaper and far more convenient to haul. I can get an 8ohm 4x12 in the future if i need the extra sound, so i think what I'm doing so far is smart.

Edit: I love the sound of my 5150 II, probably won't replace it for a long time.
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