So. You've all seen Top Gear (uk version)
This is a place for you to either recite some of the best stig jokes as used on the program
Invent your own and post them here
Best joke will win the respect of their peers

For example

Some say his nipple is the shape of the nurburgring

And some say he's illegal in 13 us states

All we know is... He's called THE STIG
(Please use this layout)

Some say he wears a white helmet

And some say he's called the stig

All we know is... He's called THE STIG

Some say he has a penis shaped like a duck,

Some say ducks are shaped after his penis.
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some say that Dimebag goes "Rip Stig"

others that he stole riffs and chord progressions from Jimmy Page

All we know is that he's called the Stig!
Some say he knows two facts about ducks. And they're both wrong.

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Some say he punched a horse to the ground.. and that he can catch fish with his tongue.

All we know is that he's called..

The Stig.
Behind the helmet of the Stig isn't a face, it's another helmet
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