Just received my new amps, the Peavey 6505+ head and a Marshall 1960a cab, just wondering how to set up the ohms.

The Peavey 6505 has a 40, 80, 160 switch, I'll be running it in Mono, just wondering about the ohms, don't want to break anything.

Its 4, 8, and 16 Ohms, not 40, 80 and 160, just clarifying.
The 1960 can be run in 4 or 16 mono, you can use whichever you like, just plug it into the corresponding output on the 6505+. As long as you're only using one cab, just match the impedance.
Also, make sure you use a speaker cable, not an instrument cable.
Right so I plug it into the 16ohm set to Mono on the cab, but then on the 6505 there is two inputs under speaker connections, do I plug it into the left one or right?
It doesnt matter, as long as you only plug one in. There are 2 so you have the ability to use 2 cabs, but with just one you can use either.
Just finished setting it up, turned it on, set all dials to 5, got no sound with guitar plugged in so I turned it off. Does it need to warm up in standby or something first?
Turn the Power switch to On, wait about 30 seconds, then flick the Standby switch. Turn all the volume knobs ALL the way down first though, otherwise you'll get a hell of a surprise when you turn it on.
Edit: Nevermind xD

Thanks for your help, got it running smoothly
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