A room ful of people
they all look at you
you just want to leave
quit this frustrating life
where you can't be yourself

but you see, the problem's in your head
belive, you can end up dead
but you wouldn't listen, would you?
you would go ahead...

Feels like you don't fit... you dont fit...
imposed ideas tell you to quit
you can't resist, you are too weak
it's time to quit....

it's time, to become like others are
a number, just another one in line
burry your past and present,
they say future's promising...

i wrote this in response to seeing people simply go with the flow and act just like they're expected to... these words are soon to find a place in a song... still not sure about the title, but since the rules say so i had to use a line, which i think expresses the meaning of the whole poem

leave a link and i might crit yours
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