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i wanted to know if anyone could give me some references for some foot-pedal keyboards like the one Geddy Lee uses in live performances...so i could simulet some strings of organ arrengments using my foot, wile playing my guitar at the same time


Geddy Lee uses the Korg MPK-130 and Roland PK-5, among others.
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God I wish I bought a set of Taurus Bass pedals way back when. Start by looking for MIDI foot controllers. Or You can find some old bass pedals on ebay then add an interface to them. You can find those parts on ebay for like $50. I started to do that and never finished, lazy ass Me. I do however use them as is. They fill in the gaps pretty well. Makes for toe tapping fun. Just remember the MIDI controls make no sound of their own. You will need some sort of sound module, as in keyboard or rackmount synth.
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