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7 64%
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1 9%
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2 18%
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1 9%
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Hello good people of UG,

I'll cut to the chase - basicially I'm moving to a smaller place and I'm looking to replace my Hefty Randall or get a practice amp of some sort. So here are the options:

Option 1 - Keep the Randall and get a cheap (under £100) practice amp for jams and home use. Suggestions will be great.

Option 2 - Sell the randall and get a HT-5 because it has all the stuff I'm looking for, plus it can be used indoors without killing the old people downstairs.

Option 3 - Sell the Randall, use my Toneport for the time being and save to get one of my current GAS amps, Bogner alchemist, Egnater Rebel 30, Engl Gigmaster or the new Heyden Mofo (the 45 watt one) and sod my neighbours.

Option 4 - Keep the Randall (I actually like it) and enjoy the el34 goodness.

Option 5 - other.

I know that my fellow UGer's would never let me down (even if a few of you suggest MGs) Help a brother out.............
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Option 1. This is basically what I do.
I love my Legacy, but it is stupidly loud for dorm or apartment use. So I have a little 15 watt vox modeller that I use when it's late or I don't want ridiculous amounts of volume.

That was you have something with ok tone for when you can't blast, but still keep the nice amp to bust out for gigs
Possibly the Bugera BC15 could be a small practice amp for you? Or maybe the Peavey Vypyr 15, Crate V5, Laney LG20R or Roland Cube 15X.
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Holy crap, check this out!