Poll: How many albums before greatest hits?
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View poll results: How many albums before greatest hits?
6 12%
0 0%
2 4%
3 6%
14 28%
10 20%
2 4%
13 26%
Voters: 50.
6, and 4 EPs.
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id say it depends on how many hits they have. like 5-10 and a decent following are needed. or if they just leave a record company to a new one
Bands should never release greatests hits albums, IMO.
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I'd say 6 as a minimum but I'm not sure that bands have much say in a Greatest Hits release anyway. AFAIK it's just a record company device for squeezing last drops of profit before a contract comes to an end. Cynical - who me?
I would say you would need an album's worth of hits.
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It is kind of tough to say because it depends on the number of hits on the albums too, 3 albums with lots of hits could make a greatest hits album, or it could take 8 or so
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Minimum six, definitely.
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8. If the band can make eight albums it's acceptable.
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It really depends on whether they've had hits or not, and I agree that I like it better when they are called "The Essential________" or "The Collection" or something.
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Well my favourite band Funeral for a Friend, released a Greatest Hits called Your History Is Mine, (one of their most famous songs is called History and that's a line from the song). But they only had 4 albums previous. However, they did put a handful of new songs onto it. They didn't want to release it but it was a manager's decision or something cuz they have been writing the newer album for quite a while.