I have planning to buy a new guitar.I live in south asia.LTDs & IBANEZ is the most available guitar brand in our country.
My budget in under $700.
I am stuck between two choices.

ESP LTD M-300FM Electric Guitar Features: ($599)

* Neck-thru
* 25-1/2" scale
* Maple neck
* Extra-thin, flat neck contour
* Mahogany body with flamed maple top
* Rosewood fretboard with 24 extra-jumbo frets
* 43mm nut
* EMG 81 pickup set
* Floyd Rose Special bridge
* Volume, 3-way switch, tone controls
* ESP tuners
* Black nickel hardware
* Polyurethane finish


Ibanez XPT700 Xiphos Electric Guitar Features: ($699)

* Mahogany body
* Maple/walnut 5-ply neck
* Wizard II thru-neck
* Bound rosewood fingerboard
* 24 jumbo frets
* 25.5" scale
* Reverse sharktooth inlays
* Edge III tremolo bridge
* U.S.A.-made DiMarzio D Activator humbuckers
* Volume, tone, 3-way pickup toggle

So please guys help me to decide whice 1 to get. The ESP's tremolo will be better than Ibanez edge III i guess.I play metal.But body shape in not an issue.
Which guitar will be best & more comfortable.

If you will explain which 1 to get & why it will be very helpful for me.

Thanks for your time
Will be waiting for you reply.
Please use the Electric Guitar forum for guitar-related questions. They'll be happy to help you out in there.



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