Do acoustic guitars need a special amp? Im only used to electric so i wouldnt know but i assume you would.

My second question is what kind of pickup it is or can i could swap the steel string for nylon and still be able to play electric?

Any help on either would be good and sorry for my english
On an acoustic you should not use nylon strings; they're ment for a classical guitar and will not work with an acoustic.

As long as the acoustic has a pickup, you wont need any special amp, but certain amps are better catered to acoustics. Regardless, it should play through any amp.
Thanks i have changed my old acoustic to nylon and it worked so i dont know why this one wouldnt work? I was wondering if the nylon strings would work through an amp.
Well, most pickups work because the metal strings cause vibrations in the electromagnets, creating a signal.

However, piezo pickups work differently and pick up actual sound waves (or vibrations in the wood, I can't really remember), but the point is that you can put one in any guitar, nylon stringed or not. In an acoustic guitar, you'd want to glue the pickup to the inside of the guitar, right under the bridge. I had a classical guitar while back that I put one in, and it sounded great. Hope this helps!

Here's what they look like:

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The reason you're not supposed to use nylon strings on a steel string is because the nylon strings are A LOT lower tension. They have nowhere near enough (tension? force?) to drive the top of the guitar, thus resulting in a quieter, and poorer tone. And as for the electronics...If you've already got electronics in it, then you can plug it into an amp. Technically any amp will work, but some are better than others. An electric guitar should be the last option honestly. Bass amps, keyboard amps, acoustic guitar amps work wonders. another option is plugging straight into a PA. If you're looking for electronics, there are two commonly used pickups. A soundhole pickup, which works the same way an electric pickup does, by picking up string vibrations over the magnets. Easy to install, not too expensive, and effective. Or you can get an undersaddle pickup, which is a piezo pickup. It picks up vibrations on the guitar. If you slap it, it sounds like a slap. If you talk into the soundhole, you'll hear something like you talking. These are not easy to install, and should be installed by someone who knows what they're doing.

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It already has pickups i dont know that kind they are but i cant see them so i have no information on it
Do you have the full model name? Is it Dean v-coustic?

I'm pretty sure it already has a piezoelectric pick up installed so you shouldn't need another one. It will pick up the sound of the nylon strings, but really, don't put nylon strings on your acoustic guitar. It's not designed for that and will sound much better with steel strings on it.
I think the model name is Dean VCO CBK but im not sure and i like the sound of nylon strings i dont know why
If you like the sound of nylon strings, save up for a decent classical guitar. That's where they sound best.

And if you can't see the pickup, then it's probably an undersaddle pickup, which are located...under the saddle. You just need something to play it into when you need to plug in. Preferably an acoustic amp, PA, bass or keyboard amp, but an electric guitar amp works too.
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