So I have a combined 18 hours of travel in the next week, and I was looking at renting a movie or two from itunes, but I don't understand what the difference is between renting and buying. Can someone help me out with this? And would an Ipod Nano's battery last through even a whole movie? Thanks.
Rockabilly rules, Okay?
1. Renting lets you keep it for a certain amount of time
2. Buying lets you keep it forever
3. The iPod nano sucks

If you have a DVD for any of these movies, you can rip it, convert the file to Mp4, and then import it to iTunes. No money lost.
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So how long do you think a nano could last while watching a movie? At least two hours or not even?
Rockabilly rules, Okay?
My nano will last for a movie, with still enough power left for a few games of solitaire.
But, as stated above, the Nano sucks for movies.


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