Hey I have A blackstar HT5 which I love, however I was thinking would it be possible to whack a D.I. box in the back between the speaker output and the speaker?


Speaker output-> D.I. Box-> speaker and P.a

hence I can use my amp as my own foldback while having a feed going direct to the P.a.

Firstly would this work?
And secondly would I need a speaker cable as opposed to a regular patch lead to connect the D.I. to the speaker output?

Assuming that the DI will output the right level (AS WELL AS desk level) then yeah it should work.

However, I would use the emulated line out on the front panel to go straight to the DI, that way you don't fcuk around with the speaker signal (UNLESS this mutes the speaker signal).
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Holy crap, check this out!
Most DI's have a link jack socket which as I understand it allows it to be put in a signal path and take the signal at that point and send the original through the link.

Yep headphone out mutes the speaker!
I've done a bit more research and if a DI box has a link output its fine to use it with an amp as the signal goes straight through to the speaker as well as out to the Pa

What I really need to know is do I need to use speaker cable to attach speaker out to DI or will a regular patch cable be ok?
You can do that as long as it wont mess with the load on the amp, which could damage it. Using the emulated line out wont sound very good, neither will going between the amp and speaker.
Why not just mic the amp? You can still use it for monitoring and it'll sound a lot better.
I know micing the amp is the ideal, however I primarily play within the church worship band, where the pa men aren't particularly skilled and dont really know how to do things other than with DI boxes, also a lack of decent microphones for micing up a speaker.

A DI box seems the best option, I know its ideal but it will work.