whats the cheapest and easiest way for me to record at home?
What would I need to get and how would I do it?
I play guitar, im not in a band so would be recording my guitar parts and would like to be able to put drums on it somehow.
And id like to be able to play it back and listen to it.
As you can tell im not exactly clever when it comes to technology.
thanks for your help
cheapest would be a usb mic into your pc with REAPER software - however i doubt you would be happy with the quality.

I think your best bet would be something like the line 6 POD, which acts as your amp/fx etc. and plugs in via usb to your computer - the quality is very satisfactory.
hey Gary1991 i was just gonna ask these same questions .
so what's the sticker price on the Line 6 POD guys ?
and is there any special software ya need to have for it ?
USB condenser Mic.
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Holy crap, check this out!
if you're going to try to really cheap out, it'll sound like total garbage, no way around it. personally i've never had much luck with usb interfaces, and computer generated modeling amps/effects. from what i hear though, having a good pair of headphones or speakers make all the difference.
thanks for the link . judging by the reviews of the Line 6 POD i think i'll stay away from them for now .
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thanks for the link . judging by the reviews of the Line 6 POD i think i'll stay away from them for now .
Ignore musicainsfriend reviews and others sites as well. They are total garbage and are often written by people who do not know how to tweak.
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My line 6 pod sounds pretty good

mine too...
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If I use the line 6 pod, can i use the effects pedals that I already have, or can you only use effects which are on the pod?
The cheapiest? Probally plugging a pair of headphones into the microphone jack, and talking into the left headphone. But seriously, I would use the Pod like everyone else is suggesting.
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So if i get this software and a pod, do I have everything I need, and dont need to get anything else?

Thats two pieces of software but yea, an audio interface and those two softwares will be all you need to get all the sounds you need.