I've been thinking about starting to record and not really sure whats the most economical way to do it would be. So this is what i have:
-Macbook pro
-Keyboard with midi inputs and outputs
-studio headphones
-both acoustic and electric guitars, would like to record both

dont need the quality to sound like super awesome proffesional studio, Iam not really sure if i will even be stickin to this hobby and dont want to spend a ridiculous amounts of money. iam thinkin at most 400
This - http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/product/7475-m-audio-fast-track-pro-4-x-4-mobile-usb-audio-midi-interface-with-preamps.html/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=base

And a plug in such as Guitar Rig, POD Farm, Revalver, Amplitube.

Or POD Studio + POD Farm (Or any other Plug In, but im not too sure they work too great with the L6 interface)
Thats what i use Great quality, and for the Acoustic, buy a decent mic

EDIT: For the M-Audio you may need a power amp for if you're using a condenser mic (The +42v phantom power and such)
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that or get a used SM57 or Audix I5 a M-Audio Fast track USB new or used and you can record with that interface and it will work for both you can mic your amp for the elec. and mic the accoustic will sound a bit more natural and if you have a sound or whatever you like from your amp you won't have to recreate it on your Line6 unit if you were thinking of getting that. that's my opinion.
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Shure SM57 or Sennheiser e609. I'd go with the 57, because it can do both the acoustic and amp cabs, where as the e609 is really specialized for miking cabs.
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^ no point in getting the fast track, he has a midi keyboard and i would assume he wants to use it. fast track pro does have midi, so that would be a better option.
presonus audiobox usb is another option, but ive never used it so i have no idea how good it is. also doesnt have any line inputs, which is a bit limiting. does have mic and instrument inputs, as well as midi though.
couple other options around $200 would be emu 0404 and focusrite saffire. some other stuff available, but those look to have the features i would want.

next step would be to pick up some mics. if you want to mic your amp, get a shure sm57 or sennheiser e609 as mentioned. i would grab the sm57, and probably aim for a used one to save a bit of money. or musicians friend has a package with a sm57, cable and stand for $110.
next we go for the acoustic stuff. i would suggest either the mxl 990/991 combo package or an at2020. i myself am a fan of the 990/991 combo on acoustics. plus you can pick them up for like $50-60 on ebay.

getting a $200 interface and 2 $100 mics (or $100 pair and $100 mic) puts you right at your budget. getting some stuff used will allow you to buy the other things like cables and stands. thats my recomendation.
iam looking at the sm57's and the audio interfaces, iam not sure which interface to get as i did kinda want something with a midi interface and i dont know which ones are decent.

are the lexicon itnerfaces decent?
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Fast track pro and ampsims. Cheap and easy.
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