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I was just wondering , is it normal that my 6th and 5th string (E,A ) buzzes like on every fret everywhere , i doesn't buzz if i hit it lightly but when i do power chords i put a lot of attack in and it buzzes like hell. Is this normal ? Does it even matter?

Edit: Wanted to say , my action is not too low , i tried raising it really high and it still buzzes. And im using 11 gauge strings. Also the buzz comes from the string hitting the frets , not anything else.
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Are the strings loose in the top nut? The the notes ring clearly? Because if not then it could be the actual fret wire.

Simple answer is no, it's not normal and certainly isn't what you want your guitar to sound like.
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The notes ring clearly yeah but there is buzz when i strum harder. I have floyd rose and i lоck the nut, and yes its locked tight.
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check the nut
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Nothing wrong with the nut , also did the test where i press 1st and 15th fret and there is SLIGHT gap between the string and the 8th fret.

Its like i strum hard and i hear the buzz then it goes away after 1 sec when the string stops vibrating so hard.
If you tend to strum so hard that you buzz you need to raise the action or slow down and work on your technique. When you strum harder you’re more inclined to whack the strings at an angle that will make them buzz. You’re probably also getting into the intensity of you’re playing and gripping harder with your fretting hand.
It's not the action , i tried raising it all the way up and it still buzzes. And its not my technique either , i've tried to strum in all kind of ways , fret harder and softer , nothing helps.

What about the Truss rod? As i said i fret 1st and 15th fret and there is only a SLIGHT gap between the string and the 8th fret.

Edit: forgot to mention , i'm tuned down half step
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Edit: forgot to mention , i'm tuned down half step

A half step with 11's should have adequate tension.

You said you are ok with your technique, so maybe you are; I can't really comment on it.

I know my A & E strings buzz on the initial attack if I'm wailing on them too hard. I know some guys put literally 1/8th action under the E & A strings because of this.

When it happens to me, I know I'm wailing too hard, so I do try to practice finesse. it only LOOKS like our heroes are beating the shit out of their guitars. They have way more finesse then we should probably presume to have ourselves.
You could try adjusting your truss rodd. Quarter turn anti- clockwise to losen it, and give the neck a bit more of a bow. The neck should bow slightly to allow string clearance when fretting. You can find all the information you need on youtube and other websites.

If the truss rod isn't the problem, then it might be the frets raising out of the fretboard slightly??? Dunno...
I'm having the same exact problem! I RAISED my action really high and still buzz on almost every fret on the top strings. Adjusted the action, truss rod, trem angle, everything. Buzz.

It's not too bad, but bad enough to bother me. I'm thinking of selling my guitar on ebay since I got it way cheap (I'd still be able to make some money) and get another.

Problem is, I love everything about my guitar. I just think the neck/frets are really messed up or something.