Hello UG,

I'm looking at getting a fender CD-60 but im confused about the price.

On the fender site is says it should be well over $200 but here in england it seems you can get it for about £80, and im making this thread to ask why on earth theres such a price difference. Am i missing something?


Well over $200? That's probably just the list price. It's $200 here too...that's what I paid for mine.
Yeah the website says: $224.98 - $299.98

Which is why i wondered why it was availible for £79 here.
i see it's £109.00 at manson's. today that's worth $164.09 u.s. according to one conversion site.
Still nowhere near list price, what im getting at is that i dont want a fake!

Wouldnt be fake would it?
I don't know why anyone would bother faking such a cheap guitar, but maybe it happens.
The pricing is just weird. The CD-60 is $140 in Poland ($200 in the US), the CD-60CE is $225 here ($270 in the US) while the Fender CD140SCE, which is $300 in the States, costs $375 here in Poland.

But when it comes to electric guitars, they cost twice as much as in the US
Its not a fake, I've bought the same guitar in the U.K for ~£80 and its definately the real deal.

Also, from the fender website:

"Pricing outside the United States may vary due to each country's tax schedule, tariffs, import/shipping charges, and duties imposed by customs."
IMO I would stray from the Fender, look towards a Yamaha.. I had one and wasn't pleased in the least. Let me rephrase... I was pleased until I started comparing it.
Really any that your price range can afford and something with a solid top. Which you can buy about at the same price as that Fender and much better quality for a beginner guitar.