hey guys,
my rg had good sustain when i bought it. but lately the sustain wasnt satisfactory enough especially on frets 9 and above.. I raised my strings and still got some some buzz on lower frets 1-6 and higher frets 11-17.. i got it intonated properly and it still does not sustain properly.. i use SIT heavy bottom strings.. Help?
Truss rod? Tremolo properly adjusted?

That's what comes to mind off the top of my head.

Also, wrong forum.

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no trem man .. its a fixed bridge. i dunno how to check the neck for incorrect truss rod adjustment. enlighten me?
The truss rod is in the neck. If the neck is bowed in any serious way that its affecting playability then it needs altering. The altering is done with an allan key in a hole just above the nut.
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Or use a straight edge up against the fretboard and check it lines up onto all the frets. You want a little bit of bow towards the string tensioned side though otherwise you'll get fret buzz
Visit the setup Q&A thread and read the faq. It's stickied in the electric guitar forum.
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Lie a straight edge on the first to last fret, and stick a feeler gauge in between the 7 fret (the actual fret) and the straight edge. Ideally, it should be around 5-15 thousands of an inch
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i mean, how do check wether its bowed or has too much relief?

Press a string like the low E down at the 1st and the 17th (or where the neck meets the body) frets, and check if there's a gap in the middle (around 8th fret) between the bottom of the string and the top of the fret. If there's a gap and it's not bigger than the diameter of your 1st string, it's fine. If it's a much larger gap, you might want to tighten the truss rod. If there's zero gap, it's probably a back bow so you need to loosen the truss rod a little bit. Do a quarter turn at a time, no more, then let it settle for a while.
Have you changed string gauges recently?
Always tin your strings.


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