So this song is something that I put together. It's called And the Daylight Denounced the Day and it's the first one on my profile. If you give me crit, I will give you crit as well. I do realize some of the transitions are a bit rough. This is a rough demo, keep that in mind. Also when I said first wave, I meant bands like: (Fugazi, Unwound, At the Drive In, Cap'n Jazz, Refused, etc...)
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Okay I think the solo is kinda out of place and the overall tone of the guitar could be improved. I did really like the Bass it gives it a nice flow. Like you said just smooth out the transitions and work on your tone and I think it'll be good. Keep on writing!

Here is a link to my youtube page. You can crit anything that strikes your fancy there.

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The transitions and tone are all I can point out that could use some work. Other than that it was really good, especially the intro and the bass. I think vocals could add a lot to it, but it sounds fine as an intrumental. I liked it.
It is quite messy, but its odd timinggives it quite a fun ride =) It wouldnt be a regular rotation song for me, but I would definitely listen to it from time to time.. Very mood driven song. Fun all around - Im sure when you have it smoothed out it will be great.

I agree - the bass is awesome! - Did you record any of this with a clicktrack? If so I kinda wish I could hear the click track as well since I cant place the timing.