ok so my guitar adjustments on the univox i just rebuilt are a bit finicky. too bright all the way at 10, and too low at 0.

my volume knob goes to about 7, and then 7-10 is a significant volume increase and a HUGE gain increase. you can take a dirty signal and make it almost clean from 10 to 7.

should i change to 250k pots? i have 500s in now i think (crap i forgot, i need to check).

the tone also goes from super muddy to bilistering omg turn it off treble. it has a large cap in there. should i throw a tiny cap in instead?
I think a capacitor in front of the pot would fix it? I'm not big on electronics though

EDIT: Just remembered, there's a name for this fix. It's "Treble Bleed Fix" or something like that I think.
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