How in the name of heavens do you build a truss rod?
Most of the research on guitar building I've done gave me answers along the line of "I bought this from xy."

Can you make one from commonly found stuff or do you need extreme machinist skills?
Sigh. I get the same answer. I can't just simply buy a truss rod in where I live. Nor can I order. I'll edit the fact that I live in such a place into my sig.
Google man, GOOGLE.
There's tons of different ways to make them. A google search can provide you with a step by step tutorial, easily.

Several people have asked this question, and i've posted a link. Do the research man, were not your private army.
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well you should have stated that in the OP. you seriously cant order online?

use google. look what pops up at #1 when i typed "how to make a truss rod".

good luck chief.

edit: jesus, bobby, dont be a twat about it. i agree with you but there's no need for hostility. makes people hate you and thus not take you seriously.