a while back i had to sell some gear and as my acoustic has more sentimental value i had to sell my electric.

my old rig was a fender standard HSS running through a Kustom 12 gauge
i kept my effects (boss BD2, digitech whammy, and an ME50 i use for delays and modulations)

I'm getting pretty close to being able to buy a new guitar and amp but i kinda wanna change it up this time. My old setup didn't seem to function too well with my effects.
The only electrics I've ever owned were strats and i kind of wanna try something new

I play lots of experimental stuff along the lines of Muse and RATM. As far as the amp goes i want something similar to the 12 gauge but handles effects better. I'm open to suggestions on what guitar to pick.

So based on all that if you were in my position and were going into a guitar store with somewhere around $400-500 USD what would you get.
I would said Manson but they are way too expensive. Maybe some sort of Les Paul? I know Matt used Les Pauls for a lot of the early Muse stuff, Showbiz/Origin era stuff.
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You want different from a strat?

As in shape and sound of the guitar or just shape?

I'd look into a used LTD 400 series or even a used LTD Deluxe for that price.

Although I'd suggest getting something with an HSH or HSS setup simply for versatilities sake.

Also, seeing as you said you're paying with USD have you taken a look at agile guitars?

people never stop raving about them.