Ok so I have been really bored this summer and decided that I want to find a really good book or trilogy to read. I get distracted very easily so I need something that won't bore me to death. I usually get bored about half way through and just stop so I need something that will keep me on the edge till the end. I'm still pretty young so I don't want something complicated in where I wont understand most of what Im reading or something in old english like The Odyssey or Great Expectations. I want something that I wont have to read in school. I'm interested in all genres my favorite two would have to be action/adventure or something funny. Sometimes I like a good mystery but only if its really good. I also like biographies too but only like musicians or band bio's. All help is appreciated thanks!
The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

they're kind of lengthy though, and there's a lot of books in the series.
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