use a pedal specifically for feedback?

Like if at the start of a song you want to go into it with some feedback, but don't wanna turn your overdrive to full gain because it will sound crap during the song?

Thinking of buying a cheap pedal/making one for this purpose.
You could always just face your guitar in front of your amp...
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hold your guitar right up to the front of your amp that should get some feedback going.
My DOD FX56 American Metal is great for feedback, I can get it standing across the room! Although I dont think the signal goes to the amp after shutting it off...
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Yeah I know standing next to the speakers help, but being a singer/guitarist it's not much use if the singing is at the start of the song. I'll look into a feedback looper and see what they are, thanks!
feedback on a looper/delay pedal is nothing like the feedback you're asking about..

but the pedal you're asking for is called a compressor.


using the pedal isnt going to automatically give you feedback, the feedback needs to come from your overdrive or distortion, but if you have a compressor hooked up and dialed in right, then your feedback will be infinited and you can control it like a note if you know what you're doing.

hope this helped!
The new MOOG guitars have a specific feedback feature which is cool, but i doubt you would want to spend $4,000 on it though lol. Oh yeah, the Fernandez sustainer does that, and you can install it into your guitar and it will feed back or sustain notes!
I just kick my Tubescreamer and hit my guitar in front of my amp. If I'm playing live it's always plenty loud enough to get some feedback.
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You can get that same feedback without a pedal. You just need the right amount of gain, volume and EQ.

Though I'm pretty baffled out the Peavy Vypyr's can get that kind of feedback on the 6505 setting at pretty low volumes.

Also, depending on how your guitar is titled while trying to achieve the feedback will change how it comes in. It also depends on the note you're trying to get that kind of feedback on.

If you're not doing it right, you can get an insanely high screech, so it's pretty important that you mute the strings you don't want to be ringing.

You'll need to experiment.
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are you talking about this?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-euRuxOAcrs something around 3:20 into the song?

No, but that sounded cool. That was just a delay pedal turning the feedback pot right?

Compressor that's the one! I have one on my ME50 but I can't use it hands free because its just a pot - no foot pedal to press to turn it on. I'll look in to making one, that would give me something to do over the summer!