Help My Hard Rock band Forever Vendetta Get Onto A Festival In Germany !!!

Hey Guys!! Im looking for help, from you the lovers of hard rock/ metal, to get my band Forever Vendetta ( [thers a link to dl our first e.p for free]) get on a festival in germany called Reeperbahn!

All you guys need to do is Leave a comment about the band on the page and download the track if ANY of you could do this it would be absolutely amazing!!!

The band has had a pretty successful 2010 so far being shortlisted in a group of 10 out of over 900+ bands to support OZZY OSBOURNE (
and we have just finished recording our second e.p.!!!

Please give us a listen and download the tracks but most importantly help us get on this germany gig!!!

Thanks a ****load guys !! heres the link once again
dude, fix the voting link...i was gonna vote, but the link is wrong there's a "..." en place of some letters

Because we're a hard working new rock band that wanna take what we believe to be a a cool new sounding breed of hard rock to germany and start putting our name in peoples minds !!

Please visit our myspace and liste to the other 2 songs from the e.p. to make a more informed decision, you can also download the whole of the last e.p. for free!!!
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Is the link repaired??

yes it is

btw, im listening to your myspace..your first two songs are cool, i haven't got to the third one.

i was going to vote for you just because i'm bored, but now i think you do deserve the vote

good luck