I just installed a new LED in my Tube Screamer! Instead of the hard-to-see orange, it's now radiation-emitting-purple. This thing is bright. The pic makes it look blue, but it's the most purple thing I've ever seen. It's hard to look directly at it.

P.S. I plan to get into more modding of my Tube Screamer, guitars, and start a Telecaster build in late July. I'm pretty pumped.
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How do you like the tube screamer? I am thinking about buying one.

P.S. Nice job! haha
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Go into Guitar Center and tell them you are willing to spend $3000 on as many Spider and MG half stacks as they can give you.
It's a very good boost for tube amps. Good to boost your overdrive for metal, or just to boost the cleans and get some blues, funk, or rock. It's a very versatile pedal.

There are a ton of mods and stuff on the market, but it's simple enough that I'm planning on doing my first mods on it.
Great pedal.