Went for a Chiodos type vibe but with more riffage. Tell me what you think
C4C fo sho. (sometimes i take a bit of time but i WILL do it haha). It wont let me upload the midi cuz the files to big tho..
Edit: Beefed up the intro a bit
Thorns and Papercuts Hurt Really Badly.gp5
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I really didnt see too much of a chiodos influence here but I enjoyed the piece... I don't really know too much of what I could say except I expected more posthardcorey sounds here and think they would of really added to the piece if you would of had a more heavy PHC influence. My biggest crit is the intro was great. but then when my ears expected a kick in of some awesome verse or chorus you kept going. It was awkward. The riffs were pretty neat but maybe it was your mixing or lack of a powerful rhythm track but it sounded a tad dull. I think you should "Beef up the rhythm track" as well as what you did with the intro.
Pretty nice song though. Interesting style. 7.5/10
haha when i meant chiodos influence i mostly meant the intro and the other parts that had piano in it (but mainly the intro). As for the possible mixing issue, i mix all my songs in MIDI cuz my laptop doesnt handle RSE very well. So if you listened to it in RSE you probably ended up with a different experience then i intended. As for the intro dragging on...I kinda got really self indulgent with it haha. I didnt really want to stop writing it. Ill get to your song too (Im listening to it right now) GREAT HARMONIES...ill write the rest on your thread
Bars 1-4: Nice mood setter, sounds pretty dramatic

Bars 5-28: You do a very good job of building up the intensity here from the more complex piano to the guitar entering, then the drums' bass enters, and then everything comes in very powerfully.

Bars 29-36: Nothing really significant here. The sixteenth notes in 33 and 34 seem a little bland, maybe have it do a little gallop or something like two 32nds and 3 16ths 3 times each.

Bars 37-44: Really dramatic breakdown thing. I love the drum fills throughout this part.

Bars 45-65: I like the piano part, but I think you should have the strings fade in in one of the bars after the piano but before the guitar, to build up intensity. Regarding the guitar riff, it's very strong, I like the bass throughout the section. Also, it kinda sounds like a boss battle song from an old videogame, but that might be the MIDI.

Bars 66-73: Really reminds me of Highway Song by System of a Down. Seriously, it's like the same tempo and note duration and everything.

Bars 74-77: Really cool riff. I can't really think of anything else to say here.

Bars 78-81: Another short riff, it's at this time that I realize a lot of your riffs' potential may be underused since they're fine riffs, but they don't really go anywhere. You could throw in a solo, a regular ol lead part, a more complex bassline, something to change it up but still keep the idea of the riff. You wouldn't necessarily need to do this for all of them, but a lot of your riffs are just repeated then passed on.

Bars 82-97: Good solo, I like how it sounds like the upper octave and lower octave are battling or something. This could be assisted by having one pan left and the other right to make it clear that they are two separate parts.

Bars 98-105: This is what I was talking about two up. Nice drum fills in the first chunk, nice job bringing it back in a place that's still appropriate, nice job mixing different riffs in your song together, nice job overall.

Bars 106-113: Nice buildup to the outro.

Bars 114-125: Strong outro, however, I believe bringing a completely new riff to it could make it much more significant in the listener's mind.

Bars 126-145: Nice little bonus track thing for the end, really a good job with it. The only thing I'd suggest with this is make it take a little longer (maybe like 10 seconds) until it comes in, unless it's intended to be a completion of the song and not a very short separate bit, then it's fine where it is.

Overall, not bad. 8/10.

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i would say there is definetly a chiodos feel to it. but you have to give it a stupid name like "farting doesnt go well with champagne" or something, then it could be a real chidos song lol. the one thing i have a problem with is at 126 the guitar just stops and it needs to finish better.
Sounds amazing, how long does it take to write a masterpiece? O.o

The intro is amazing, I had chills just from listening to it. The only thing is I agree with Danul about how you have a TON of great riffs, but they just disappear after a repeat, bring a few back and add a harmony or a piano thing over it. I really like how you used a clean guitar alongside with the distorted one also, it gave it a very "full" feel to it. I also liked how it wasn't metal and you put in some pretty serious riffage. It's weird, because it's one of those songs that has crazy guitar, but you can't put on a really br00tal distortion and have it sound good, I commend you on this amazing piece =pp

Anyway, C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1333243
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i listened to it and thought it had a tad bit of chiodos style in it. it was pretty good though. =)
really interesting song, i there really isn't anything to complain about here. it has its own sound and character to it. very nice. i didn't really feel too much post hardcore though, i don't really know what to call it. ha. anyways, heres mine, if you have a minute https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=24634911#post24634911