So since my VTM was a bust i'm looking at other tube heads. I'm probably going to be playing most hardcore, metal, punk, thrash, some emo, indie, rock, classic rock. Most of my playing will be done in my house, but I still want something loud enough that I could go jam with people, possibly even gig in the future. So preferably looking for something 50-60 watts. But would consider 100+ depending on what it is. My budget will probably be in the $300-400 range. I was looking on guitar centers used amps and found a couple on there I'm interested in. Only interested in all tube heads.

My number one choice right now is a Vintage Trayner YRM1 Reverb King, the price is just right for me and eveyr review i've read said it's amazing in all aspects and has amazing reverb. So hands down this is deifnitely my first choice at the moment. Only $350! Although I can't find any videos on youtube for a sample of it. And I would have to drive to brooklyn to try it out.

I also saw a Bugera 1990 for $300. From what I understand they are pretty good amps. I like what I hear on youtube for the most part. Pretty close to a JCM 900 if you ask me.

Also saw a Blackstar HT-5 mini stack in my price range, but I think I want something more than 5 watts.

Any input on any of these amps or suggestions would be nice.
And no i'm not interested in a vypyrs, windsors, line 6, or crate.
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you could look at the blackstar ht-20 if you're lucky you may find one in your budget, it's easily loud enough for band practice, i own a ht-5 and it's a lovely amp, and and very loud for 5 watts when i play the dirty channel is only one 3
pheonix you probably dont live far from brooklyn, you should go try it out for me and let me know how it is. based on your review maybe ill just buy it over the internet

literally almost everyone who reviewed in on hc gave it a 10 for sound, and thats pretty rare tbh

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Bump any other suggestions?

I'm kind of scared about the 1990, I hear either really good review, or that the amp is a piece of garbage and don't really know what to believe.