I've been playing for two months and really enjoy playing. Every time I practice i get this pain in my right shoulder. Anyone else ever get shoulder pain? Geez I really like this and hope don't want to quit.

thanks in advance,
Are you sitting or standing?
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just rest your shoulder for a couple days

could just be a sore muscle if your shoulders are weak

If the pain is sharp and feels deeper than it would be rotator cuff. if it is this, after resting for a couple days slowly build back up and if the pain continues go get checked out by the doctor and they can give you exercised to strengthen it
Yah, my shoulder pops out now and then, so I totally know how you feel. Is is a sharp pain, or just soreness?

Could just be your shoulder muscles working out
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Yah, my shoulder pops out now and then, so I totally know how you feel. Is is a sharp pain, or just soreness?

Could just be your shoulder muscles working out

it's sort of a tender popping feel. Not a DOMS type of feeling. Maybe I need to do military presses at the gym.

thanks everyone.
I quit playing a dreadnought-sized guitar because of my wonky shoulder, but it had been injured years previously in a motorcycle-racing accident. Years down the road, I've got a bit of arthritis.
So, I bought an "O" sized guitar and no problems.
Standing will usually result in less strain as well.

However, from a medical standpoint, I'd suggest getting a diagnosis before running off to the gym to lift weights. You might improve things, you might just make it worse.
Sometimes, a simple shot of cortisone will work wonders.
You shoulder shouldn't be involved in playing at all, especially if you're sitting, take a minute and really look at your technique, use the stickies at the top of the forum for what you should be doing.
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The next time you practice, look at yourself in the mirror.

Is said shoulder raised up in tension? Or is it relaxed and at ease?

Sounds like you picked up a couple bad habits, those being that you tense up your muscles when you play guitar. This is a natural thing to happen.

When you practice, slow everything down dramatically. What I mean by this, is get a metronome, put it on 60 BPM. Now, take 4 clicks to play each note. Inbetween playing each note, look in the mirror and see if you are tensing up. When you see what movements in particular are making you tense up, isolate those movements and practice them using the same method until you no longer tense up.

Also, make sure you use small motions when you play. This will pay off in the long run.

If you practice like this for the next month, I think you will notice a lot of improvement and your shoulder won't bug you.

PS: Don't do military presses at the gym. Chances are, the muscles in the front of your shoulders are more developed than the muscles in the back of your shoulder. It could also be the other way around, but for most people, it's the front muscles that are overdeveloped. If you played baseball, football, or basically any sport where you throw things OR you do a lot of pressing movements and not a lot of pulling movements, this is probably the case. To fix this, go to the gym. On the high cable pulley machine, attach a bar and pull it to your face. You can also try upright rows. For questions, go to www.bodybuilding.com and search "face pulls" or "upright rows"