It has 7 strings. You can play a wider range of pitches.

It has 7 strings. It's harder to buy strings for it, it has a wider neck than you might find comfortable, and a lot of people get too carried away with the low B string and forget about the rest.
Strings are more expensive im guessing, wider neck (preference though), guitar is more expensive in general. cant think of any others though :L iv played one in a shop and really liked it but i wouldnt buy one though because there are only a few things i play i would need a 7 string for

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It's more expensive in general, since 7-string parts aren't as common and use a bit more material. If your nut or bridge messes up, it would cost more to get it fixed. Strings are also more expensive, and the guitars themselves are more expensive. It also might be uncomfortable, or at least take some getting used to, since it's larger overall.
The only real advantage is that you can play more notes.
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6 string stuff doesn't play as well
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