I need nice clear bass amplifier to replace my ampeg BA-115. My ampeg is good but way to muddy and I really don't like the style switching component that it has. I want nothing to do with behringer so please don't recommend it.

My budget is $550.

Im playing out of a schecter studio elite (drop C) and play alot of hard rock.

Try the Hartke I linked to below; it's a little more than you wanted to spend but you can a blem for under $500 if you want.

I love my Hartke stack and combo they're both clear and clean. This one has a graphic EQ but you can leave it flat. I play my amps for both metal and with a working cover band and there's no tone I can't get.

Hartke HyDrive 210C Bass Guitar Combo

Let me know what you think.
Try the Acoustic B200. It should suit you well. It is loud and has a great tone.
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