Ok guys im having some difficulties picking which one. There is a mint conditon esp sc-607b without a case for $725 shipped on the table.

And there is a sc-607 sunburst model which has quite a few dings, scratches, etc. Its got some rusting on the pickup screws and alot of scratches on the back, and a couple of dings on the side, and missing the truss rod cover which is no biggy, but it has a gig bag i think. That one is going for $550 shipped

I cant decide which one to go for. I need some opinions. Thanks!!!
Trivium Rocks!!!
I would say the Sc-607b as you will more then likely enjoy having a mint guitar that you don't have to fix up at all compared to one where you either have to replace stuff or put up with scratches. Also if you ever decide to sell them then I would buy the Sc-607b for $700 anyday.
Lol thanks for your comment. They are both sick guitars.
Trivium Rocks!!!
607b will give you a much better low b. Much better.
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