i pretty much always relied on my sm57 for recording amps and i've stuck it infront of 1x12s, 2x12s, 4x12 cabs and always had good results...until i decided a Fender Bassman 4x10 was the amp for ME! well i record in a small kids bedroom converted into a music room and the bassman vibrates the sm57 during the recording, i can hear it vibrating the top of the mic when i play back the recording. turning down the mic to its bare minimum got rid of it but at the expense of getting a very low volume recording that i had to push gain wise in Audition 3.0.

is their a more robust mic? or anything i can use with the mic that will reduce the bassman from shaking the Sh!t out of my poor sm57? bassman was not cranked by the way, and i was still in the green when the recording began.
get a more stable clip for your mic? tape it down? if that doesn't work you could try setting the sm57 farther away and using a beta 52 up close. you'd probably have to adjust your eq in audition after recording this way because it will have a lot more bass though.
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yea I'd try a little tape at the little plastic end.....I've yet to even figure out why the hell it spins in the first place...

You could also try a Sennheiser e609 or Audix i5. I've heard quite a few good reviews for the i5 mic.

SM57 vs e609:

SM57 vs Audix i5:

I personally still like the sound of the good ol 57.
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