Okay so i just learned this song and the intro riffi can play just fine except i down pick it all and dont alternate pick it i just find it easier for some reason is this bad? its sounds the same to me but want some opinions thanks (:
down picking is fine but its a lot more taxing on you in my opinion, as you have to move your wrist at twice the speed you would for alternate picking. Personally I alternate pick everything I can, its just way easier for me. I find fast down picking pretty hard actually and I end up tensing a lot more. Lame example, but master of puppets, I cant strictly downpick the verses but I can alt pick it no problem (:

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Downpicking sounds great when you're chugging away, but don't neglect alternate picking completely. Being able to alternate pick is crucial.
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i actually tense up by alternate picking and my downpicking is actually amazing i dont get tired from it at all but thats just me , but its just fine if i downpick it?
This riff is at a speed where down-picking would be reasonable, and a lot of people will tell you that you'll get a better 'attack' and the tone will be a bit better. However, if you're new to alternate picking and want to get into the habit, riffs like this are a great way to do that.

I'd alternate pick it anyhow, it's set up perfectly so that you are actually economy picking most of it by alternating, except for one note at the end, so it's super efficient and will be ridiculously easy to play if you memorize it like that.