I put signed...which I am in the middle of signing a contract with label for the release of our first full length. Anyways i wanted someone serious to check this out.

I'm wanting to add keys on our next full length and need someone with some serious skill and recording technique or access to recording. I am never going to be able to find the keyboardist I would want anywhere around here or alot of places for that matter. Lets face it good keyboardist beyond a reformed guitarist matching note for note is hard to find. With these new songs I am writing for the next album its more agressive and with a sound thats more our own. And I really like the idea of adding tasteful keys to the mix that in some ways bring a darker atmosphere and hopefully never poppy shit that elves dance to

I doubt that this will be a paid position. Your main perks will be merch, cd's, being a musician with a band on a label.

This could change if we transition to a bigger label which Im hoping for and then of course it could become a paid position. But at the time I have enough on my plate with starting a studio where I can record at a professional level on my own instead of paying for airline tickets and 50 an hour to make an album.

Enough rambling-check out

If you listen and are interested email me and we can start a dialogue. making this next album im sure will take some time.
haha...all good~

It actually doesn't matter where your from. If you have the ability to attain a professional recording(with keys this is actually fairly easy without having to go to a professional studio)

and can come up with interesting keyboard parts you can be anywhere in the world