hey, i have a cort m600 with some emg hz's in it and its been a great guitar but i want to move up. Anyway i was thinking about getting this epiphone les paul that has a floyd rose in it, i played it today and it think it was awesome. But the only problem is that i switch between drop c and standard a lot. So would it be best to keep the cort, or to get the epi les paul and just not lock the nut at the end. Yes, i know there are other guitars out there and what not but i really liked that epiphone.

p.s.- is that a good move up or down for a metal/blues player?
Even if you don't tighten the locking nut, changing tunings is going to mess with your floyd. Any time you change tunings on a guitar equipped with a floyd rose you're going to have to adjust the springs in the back to get it balanced right again.

If you were to get the Epi, I'd advise getting it set up properly in the tuning you play the most and then using the Cort to play in different tunings.
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Even if you dont lock the nut, you can't change tunings all that fast. Changing tuning would require you to adjust/balance the tremolo tension which takes a good 15-20 minutes. If you can, why not but the epi and keep the cort? That way you can have one in each tuning.
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Quote by bean-o
Changing tuning would require you to adjust/balance the tremolo tension which takes a good 15-20 minutes

That's if you know what you're doing (it can be easy to not set it up properly) and you've done it enough times that you've gotten good at doing it.

And if you didn't lock the nut, anytime you used the floyd, your guitar would go crazy out of tune.
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get a different epi without a tremolo, unless you really plan on using it.

or, get a low end ibanez
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