i used searchbar and i didnt feel like going through every single page. anyways, my amp is a randall 100sc and its in pretty good condition. however, when i try using it, it creates this very annoying buzzing sound. the only thing connected to it is my guitar and nothing else. when i play my guitar, the buzzing quiets down. but when i stop playing for few seconds, the buzzing resumes and its ****ing annoying.

is there a way to fix this?
I think it's actually in the electronics in the guitar. My jackson rr does that but i've been too lazy to go into the control panel to check. Just a guess. Hope you figure it out.
Does the noise persist if the guitar volume is all the way down? If so, it's preamp hum. One way to fix this is putting a noise gate (ISP decimator or NS2) in your effects loop.

If not, it is your guitar. You could try shielding your internal wiring. If you are using single coils, that may be part of the problem. As a last resort, a noise gate in front of the amp will get rid of it.