here's the story guys, i'm currently in my last year of schooling. I'm a bit lazy when it comes to study and my parents said at the start of the year that if i try hard this year and do well they'd buy me a new guitar up to 5000AUD. They werent expecting me to do it when my father and i shook hands. I got my mid year report last week. All A's. Soooo looks like my parents will be buying me a new guitar.

Anyway i am not sure what to get. I play alot of british rock, arctic monkeys ect ect, and also a fair bit of indie, tegan and sara ect and a bit of rock. so what should i get? i get? i'm after a good all round guitar.
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Les Paul or Strat

there ARE soooooo many more good guitars u can get for that price other than les pauls and strats, take a trip to lots of potential guitar stores, take gutiars that catch ur eye, and play all of them, which ever u like the most u should get,

BTW i think u should get a good but not expensive guitar like a higher end schecter, and then get a really nice amp like a marshall
haha i have a MG 30FX. planning on upgrading to a blackstar ministack
From the information you've given (we're missing amp info here), I guess I would recommend a strat of some kind, doesnt sound like you really need humbuckers. So for that matter, if youre actually getting $5000, i recommend you save up the rest.
So maybe get yourself a nice MIA Strat.

Edit: you just posted your amp details, a HT-5 sounds good.
5000 dollars? jesus man you'll never need that if you're just starting. there's no point buying a special edition LP if you don't know how to play.


that will be great for a beginner who likes different styles as you can coil split.


lots of power for practise and great options to play with

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Why not spend about 2500 AUD on a good Guitar and amp with some effects and save the rest for maybe a car or some jewelry for your girl or something.
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i do not think the schecter would suit my style. looks like more of a metal guitar?
how bout this? http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-Guitar-Research-Solo6-Custom-Electric-Guitar?sku=584535]]

and even tho i said there are bettter guitars out there, i think this gibson will have alot of versatility so u can experiment with ur tones

EDIT: first link didn't work so this is it
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lol @ the MG, split your funds 2500 on a good amp, maybe marshall, mesa, egnater, fender, orange, bogner, etc. Try stuff, you could definitely get something better than the Blackstar.

and spend the other $2500 on a guitar try everything
maybe a Les Paul Standard, SG 61 reissue, strat, tele, maybe a Rickenbacker?

Your amp is actually A LOT more important than your guitar.
American Fender Deluxe Strat w/ a Blackstar Series One combo for transportation unless you really want the full stack, or even a 2x12 would work.

EDIT: +1 for the Gibson Sg 61 Reissue also those seem reaalllly nice or you could also check out Gibson SG Classic w/ P 90's maybe..?
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5000? Skip commissioned shops and go to a vintage shop and have an expert there help you pick out an axe. You would be able to walk out with anything you wanted.
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What's with all these the metal guitars being recommended?

If you dig brit rock, I would recommend a Telecaster. In one of my favorite brit rock bands, Bloc Party, both the lead and rhythm guitarists have Teles, and they get awesome tone. Another one I can think of is Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead. A Gretsch would be pretty sweet with indie/brit rock as well, but I feel a solid-body guitar would be better suited to your needs.

As for amp, if you're set on the Blackstar, then that's cool. But a Fender tube amp would be perfect. Either a Hot Rod Deluxe, 65 Princeton Reissue, or a Twin Reverb. Your tone would be nothing short of godly.
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go to frettedamericana.com and look at there vintage guitars
They sound very nice!!
With that kind of cash you are insane even coming close to a web forum. Get off your duff and go shopping. Do NOT spend that kind of money on gear with out testing it first. Find something you like. Shop some more. Pour over dealer pages comparing prices. Try before you buy. That saves a lot of heartburn. Oh yes do not overlook the used market. There are some great deals to be had. At least here in the USA.

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Get like... 2 guitars, and a decent amp...
Even if your playing style/music interests do change in the future, u can always rely on the second guitar..
DO NOT blow all your cash on one fancy-ass guitar... get 2 decent axes, probably one tele (for brit rock, etc.) and the other one, something versatile, like an Ibanez or something...

OR... you could buy like.. 5 to 6 guitars from www.rondomusic.com just for the **** of it :P
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