her long soft hair falls on your face
and begs your passionate embrace
reminding you of why you're here
and stomping out the flame of fear
with nothing but it's embers bright
the doubt and fear leave for the night
only to return upon
the day you're sure that they are gone
when, is what you ask yourself
but put the question on the shelf
along with all the fear and doubt
whose flame her love is putting out
and as the moments sail away
the clock is ticking day by day
until your life has passed you by
and tears start rolling from your eye

your sad reflection glances back
onto the face of lines and cracks
that's staring at the polished glass
who taunts you with your gaze's grasp
and begs to ask if you're okay
and knows you dont know what you'd say
would you simply say you're fine?
or would you give the thought some time?
but you dont know and you dont care
cause face yourself you wouldn't dare
you're not the freak, you're not alone
it shakes us all down to the bone
and no one has the gall to say
the question haunts them everyday
cause none of us could bear the shame
of knowing that we're all the same

do your worst
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I just want to say that I never spend any time in the S & L threads, but I saw this on the UG front page and decided to click it. I'm glad I did, because I really, truly, thoroughly enjoyed this. It really made me think, which a poem hasn't done for me in a long time. Thank You.